Friday, August 18, 2017

The Racism Of General William Tecumseh Sherman

The following is Sherman's view of black soldiers. I have never read anything like these words being spoken by Robert E. Lee. Maybe we need to look into removing the statues of William T. Sherman.

"I like niggers well enough as niggers, but when fools and idiots try and make niggers better than ourselves, I have an opinion".

Sherman hated Black troops so much that he refused to use them for anything other than garrison duty, or digging fortifications and entrenchments. Garrison duty was defined as manning rear area forts, stockades, and guard duty. Sherman refused to use them in the armies that he personally commanded. His friend Ulysses S. Grant on the other hand used Black troops in combat in the Eastern theater and would later champion the cause of black soldiers. During the battle of Nashville, out of necessity, Sherman was forced to use blacks as combat troops. They would be under the direct command of the Virginian George H. Thomas. Thomas like Lee was forced to decide between serving his home state or remain loyal to the Union at the beginning of the war. A decision that was no less difficult as Lee's. Thomas was in favor of recruiting black soldiers but he did not have confidence in their fighting abilities. His attitude on this would change after witnessing their bravery first hand at the battle of Nashville. On December 17th he rode over that portion of the battlefield where the black troops of General James Steedman had fought. The bodies of black soldiers were piled in heaps, intermingled with the bodies of their white comrades. Thomas exclaimed to his subordinates, "Gentlemen, the question is settled; Negroes will fight."

Monday, August 14, 2017

Cultural Cleansing In Charlottesville

It is my understanding that white supremacists have led the fight in Charlottesville to keep the statue of Robert E. Lee. White supremacists should not be at the forefront of this fight. Honoring Robert E. Lee is not about white supremacy. This is a fight that all logical and right thinking Americans should be in regardless of their political persuasion. Where are they in this fight? Robert E. Lee would not support the actions of James Fields Jr., a Northerner I might add, in running down these protesters. I feel that this would have violated his sense of honor. Besides being one of our greatest generals, and for his previous service to the Union, he should be honored. Especially for the last five years of his life. By helping to end the war peaceably, growing Washington and Lee University, and encouraging the South to reunite he was one of the major players in saving the Union. It could be argued that he was not as racist as Sherman but there are no efforts to remove his statues. I can understand why the Democrats are trying to erase their racist past since their party supported slavery, segregation and the Klan. Regardless we must not allow this cultural cleansing to continue. I heard the other day that the only history being taught now in schools is from 1870 to present day. This roughly covers the progressive era leaving out the most important part of our history. The American Revolution and the Civil War. They are doing nothing but educating a whole new generation of dangerous Democratic voters. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Detroit - The Movie

  My wife and I saw the movie Detroit last night and I must admit that it was disturbing and very intense. The Detroit riot was an ugly chapter in our nations history. I was 17 during the riot and this is a Nashville Banner newspaper that I saved from that time. The movie highlighted an incident that occurred during the riot, that until now, I had never heard of. The victims were for the most part my age in 1967. It was about a real incident that occurred at the Algiers Motel that was about a mile from where the riot began. Three Detroit police officers, with the assistance of some Michigan National Guardsmen, brutally killed three black males while torturing 7 black males and two young white women. They just happened to be at the motel and the police were enraged by the sight of white girls with black men. With my usual distrust of Hollywood I fact checked the story and discovered that the movie was pretty accurate. Larry Reed, one of the victims, said that the movie was 95% accurate. I discovered however that the meanest police officer depicted in the movie is a fictional character. He is a composite of all three officers that were involved. I had mixed emotions about the value of this movie in the present racial atmosphere that exists in America right now. Racial relations have deteriorated because of Barack Obama and the Black lives Matters movement. Together they have stoked the perception that America is not much different than it was in 1967. I firmly believe that we have undergone a huge transformation since that time and it is not acknowledged nearly enough by Hollywood, the mainstream media and the left. They have perpetuated the myth that white cops are still those same brutal racist cops depicted in the movie. This movie does nothing but perpetuate that myth. I am always in favor of a truthful telling of history. My suspicion is that the director Kathryn Bigelow has a political agenda with the timing of this movie. The movie accurately describes the historical migration of poor Southern blacks looking for fair treatment in the North and factory jobs. And later the migration of Southern whites looking for jobs after WW2. This implies that Southern racism was deported to the big city of Detroit during this period. However Northern racism can be documented  much farther back than the first half of the twentieth century. The movie brings home the fact that racism was and is a national problem and not confined to the South.  In the immortal words of Malcolm X "When you cross the Canadian border you are in the South".We can also link racism to the political party that has been the most responsible for perpetrating racial strife in this country, the Democrat Party. Detroit has not had a Republican mayor since 1962. I hate injustice, regardless of who it is directed against. This story needed to be told. However it is is not for the weak minded or easily swayed.